A new generation of unique and sensual jewellery !
SENSE OF IBIZA is an elegant, refined and exclusive collection, but at the same time, extremely soft and affordable.
The collection is made out of fine woven Lurex® fabric in combination with different metals (Silver plated Bronze, Gold plated Bronze) and structures. This allows us to create unusual and exiting jewels.
Besides the quality of the jewel, which is soft, smooth and conforms to the body  shape; Lurex® fabrics don’t tarnish and are non-allergic.
The fabric  is certified by  Oeko-Text Standard 100, including REACH and CSPIA, ensuring safety in wearing our jewellery.
The core of the fabric can be in different materials, depending on the volume and flexibility we want to give to the jewel.
The use of silicone, aluminium, titanium, etc... gives us the possibility to create original shapes and sensational jewellery!
Feel the new sense...the SENSE OF IBIZA jewellery!