The designs from SENSE OF IBIZA have exclusive use of the original and registred Lurex® label.

The production technology is patented and Made in Italy production.

Lurex®, high-tech textile product, developed as the result of two previously well-tested processes:
high vacum technology and high polymer technology.
For over 70 years, Lurex® has been the leading brand for metallic yarns, giving a true guarantee of quality to their customers.


Lurex®: Quality

All Lurex® yarns are produced to strict quality standards to meet Lurex® quality specification.

Lurex® yarns meet the technical requirements of the most demanding production processes and are made to comply with safety and quality regulations to protect customers from any hazardous components.

Lurex®: Innovation

Lurex® is a yarn made for designers to enhance creativity and innovation. There is a continue propose of new technological developments and effects. 

Lurex® yarns are a source of inspiration for designers and their customers.

Lurex®: Curiosities

The "Disco" period, initiated by many disco music bands from the USA, like Earth Wind and Fire for example, had also an impact on the popularization of fabrics made with Lurex® yarns on the music scene. A young pop star even started his career with the name Larry Lurex before becoming the famous Queen singer, Freddy Mercury.