The designer
Elisabeth was born in Leuven (Belgium) on the 11th of March 1970,
favored with a creative talent she inherited from her mothers' side.
"Already at the age of 7, I was fascinated by pottery and by the time my daughter was born, I had my own pottery atelier". 
Because Elisabeth has so many artistic interests, she was also apprenticed to a master goldsmith and that is how she  finally ended up as a jewellery designer.
She also paints, makes furniture, practices photography, interior- and graphic design, etc... "Life is to short to do everything I would like to, so many exiting materials to pick only one. I guess one could say I'm not really a goldsmith nor a designer...
I just love to create original things I can't buy elswhere. It gives me enormous satisfaction, a passion I can't live without..." 
Inspiration or imagination
Elisabeth Landeloos, also known as the designer from the ELISABETH LANDELOOS Jewellery collection, has a passion for beautiful things with a natural source. Inspiration is never far gone while walking her dogs through an unspoiled landscape... According to Elisabeths' words it's a matter of interpretation, "you don't need to see what you could just be an image, a form or a structure you discover. Use your imagination and give it another destination, another meaning or translate the feeling into something touchable. The most important thing for me is that my designs emphasize the female character of the woman - passionate, sensual, elegant, playful,..."
Sense of Ibiza collection - Hip or hippie?
A few years ago, Elisabeth moved with her family to the wonderful island Ibiza. A stimulating place for creative people. "There are lots of beautiful places in the world but still...Ibiza is different. It's a mixture of people, a variety of nationalities - black, white, very high class, farmers and hippies, luxury and back to basics, spiritual and physical, hip or hippie,... They all come together at this small island. Ibiza is unstrained, 'be like you are, wear what you want, do what you like...' nobody judges. That's exactly the 'sense' of Ibiza, the same features you will find in my collection: a variety of colors, unstrained, soft, comfortable, luxurious, sensual, hip or hippie,...
You choose for yourself."